Mandarin Picking

It’s that time of the year, again. Hello July. Hello Mandarin Season.

I came home one Friday night one day, and mum said to me “Want to join Mandarin picking with us tomorrow?” A definite yes for me. Yay for my mum the spontaneous planner! I was so excited to go with my mum, dad, little sis and I. The four of us – off we go on a road trip!

Where: Watkins Family Farm
Hawksberry Harvest (Around 2 hours away from Sydney)

Pictures speak louder than words, and I agree. Hopefully these pictures tell you how much fun we had as a family.

Mandarin Picking1 Astrid Tj Astrid Tj Mandarin Picking6 Mandarin Astrid Tj Astrid Tj Astrid Tj

I would recommend this place to anyone looking to go on a weekend day trip  with friends & family. This place had a beautiful mountain backdrop and it was a beautiful drive going to and from Hawksberry River. I would definitely be back again!

Keep smiling,


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